A fashion and turban styling lesson from the most elegant woman ever !

Grace Kelly was a modern woman who loved fashion, turbans and sophisticated headwrap.

We have done a lot of researches on Vintage Fashion, Vintage actresses and fashion in Paris, in Europe when we started to make our first turbans and we quickly we became obsessed with Grace Kelly ! There is only few photos of her wearing turbans but the way she used to do it and wear headwear in general was absolutely stunning. Can we talk about how she mastered wearing turbans and shades ?!

Turbans plus accessories, is that too much ?

Cat eyes eyeglasses, black turban and the white blouse with the little pin are so perfect on her ! We shouldn't be scared to wear several fashion accessories with your turbans as long as we feel comfortable wearing them, but the key to stay classy and chic is to go for a natural makeup look !   


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