Are we a vintage hair accessories brand ?

What does vintage fashion mean?

When you ran into the term “vintage”, it usually means that the clothing pieces date from a different era than the current. The clothes can be old from twenty up to a hundred years. Amazing, right? Not only they come from a specific different era but they also strongly reflect the trends and styles within the ranges of that era.

Vintage fashion explodes with different unique styles either from mainstream fashion labels or haute couture, used or new, manufactured or even handmade. So many versatile options are what makes the vintage fashion appealing for so many women across the globe.Vintage fashion can be either a way of life, or it can be used as a way to spice up the overall contemporary style. The vintage way of dressing requires a wardrobe filled with unique clothing pieces from different decades. Usually, the vintage clothing pieces can be found in both specialized vintage boutiques and in second-hand stores. The chances are that one way or another you will find what you are looking for. However, there is a slightly bigger chance that in the specialized vintage stores you will get more curated collection of clothing pieces besides the help from the passionate store owner.

On the other side vintage fashion can also mean new pieces, with a retro vibe. A turban, a beret or scarf folded in the hair can totally add a retro touch to your outfit even tho then have been manufactured in 2018 !

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Aida Dapo is wearing  'Porte dorée' green pleated turban.

Modern DIY turban for women - Via Epitome of Streetstyle


Why choose vintage over new?

We are all aware that with the growth of the fashion industry and manufacturing process, nowadays we tend to have countless options of what to wear. We are constantly overflooded with information. Unfortunately, while new doors are opened-another ones are closed. From all the trendy pieces that are available to purchase, each time less and less of them are created in such a way that they are able to withstand the test of time. On the contrary, in the past, the clothing pieces were designed in such a manner that the focus was made on quality and attention to details rather than quantity. Additionally, wearing vintage inspired outfits takes down the chances of seeing another woman wearing similar items close to zero.

How to successfully incorporate the vintage fashion into your everyday life?

If wearing exciting and unique clothing pieces seems interesting to you but are scared that you will look silly, and like wearing a costume, we have some tips and tricks on how to successfully incorporate the vintage clothing trend into your looks. Or if you simply lack some vintage fashion inspiration.

First things first when doing a shopping haul for new items, you`ve probably noticed how in every season some vintage piece makes a comeback. Numerous of designers and brands regularly draw their inspiration from the past, so it is quite likely that if you go out with your mother, she`ll confirm that back in the days when she was young, the same clothing piece was fashionable too. Without further due, we must say that if you want to incorporate some vintage clothing pieces, search for garments that are vintage but always fashionable.

Mixing some vintage trend with contemporary is a great way to make a real fashion statement. How about incorporating some ripped jeans with 80s grunge pleated shirt and biker leather jacket? Stylish and unique. Mix & match, play with the clothing pieces. Don't be scared to experiment. Vibrant colors, textures and silhouettes, layers of contrasts! Exciting!

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Vintage Hair accessories

The safest and probably the most common way to incorporate the vintage fashion is by purchasing vintage accessories and combining them with essential contemporary pieces. You can never go wrong with the combination of timeless classics and some unique details that will add character and individuality to your overall combination such as retro hair do, berets, creative hair clips, bow clips, headwraps, and turbans.

The Turban

Probably one of the most memorable vintage headwear pieces that was popular back in days as much as it is now is the turban. Back in the 90s, its popularity lasted more than one decade not only because of its practicality but also because of its uniqueness. It appeared slowly on the fashion stage in the 1920s when the Western culture searched for inspiration from the Exotic East. Back then as today, they came in all sorts of different shapes and colors. Slowly yet reassuringly they were here to stay. They only grew more famous for the decades to come. It wasn’t such a rare sight to see women wearing them during the day and even during the evening, depending on the used fabric.

We can say that the golden era of the turbans was in the 1940s when they were manufactured from all sorts of fabrics. Ladies were literally obsessed with them! They added them on a daily basis for both casual and formal occasions. Women even wore them during working hours with the intention of merely gathering their hair.

During the decades, the shape of the turban changed and became smaller rounder, and with cleaner lines. They came in pre-made in many vivid colors and creative patterns.

So, if you are a newbie into the entire vintage fashion game, consider purchasing some turbans that will add a dose of mystical and unique beauty to your overall look. Here are a few additional tips on why you should consider wearing a vintage style turban:

  1. They are fun! Which part of wearing a huge bow on your head doesn’t scream happy?
  2. They are the perfect way to add a dose of vintage fashion.
  3. Turbans, scarves, and headwraps are a great way to finish off every outfit.
  4. They are super-practical for bad hair days.
  5. Every time you wear one, you will surely stand out from the crowd and be unique in your very own manner.