Turban hat, headband, headwrap : the best ways to cope with hair loss during chemo

When ready made turbans are an alternative to wigs :

Millions of women around the world are facing the same challenge.  They are fighting cancer.

Everything is from now on is put into perspective, the way those women used to live, the things they considered important, the worries over insignificant things. As of now the only thing that matters is to fight the disease.

Among the things we lose in the process of gaining our life back is self-confidence. As if fighting for your life wasn’t enough, on top of that, if you go through chemotherapy, you will lose your hair.

We are always living under the burden of the social norms that women without hair are not as beautiful and that owning long hair defines us as a person. But we couldn’t agree less! Having stunning, long, and healthy hair is everything about fitting in into the social norms and into the society that we are living in and nothing with who as a person you indeed are.

However, if you want to gain back some of the lost confidence, there is a little something that will make your life a bit easier : wearing turbans.

Let's get things straight, turbans are not only worn by women who are struggling with cancer but on the contrary, there is so much to it. Although turbans have some religious background, women all over the world are literally obsessed with wearing them. They are not only handy and perfect when you are having a bad hair day, but they are also chic, colorful and stylish. You know how sometimes you are feeling like you`ve created the perfect overall outfit but you are feeling like there is a piece of the puzzle missing? Well adding a dash of color, might change the way you look and feel.

On the other hand, if you are struggling with hair loss, or cancer , temporary covering your head might just do the trick. It will be a practical yet stunning solution. Trust us when we say it, once you learn how to tie your turbans up, you`ll be obsessed with them. Before you know it, all you can think about will be the next color of the turban to purchase, the design of it, the pattern, the texture, and the material. We can`t guarantee that the obsession will go away once you grow your hair back. After all, who can easily give up on the trendy and fashion-forward look that a turban headband can provide you with?.

Once you dive deep into the turban fashion, you will discover that there are many options and possibilities. They are so versatile that they can be worn in both casual and formal occasions, during daytime or evening. They come pre-stitched, so no need for you to bother with how to wrap them around your head. Commonly they are manufactured from a stretchy fabric and are fitting most women. Usually the turbans specially made for cancer patients are comfortable but not really trendy. We, at brothers and sisters are making turbans for all women, whether you are struggling with hair loss due to alopecia / chemo session or you just want to stand out of the pack with your style, our turbans headbands and headwraps, are comfortable, modern and fashionable.

In 2017, Vogue has featured nine amazing women who are dealing with Alopecia or cancer. Whether they are covering their head or not, those women are embracing life and don't let their illness define them. Suleika Jaouad an Emmy award winning writter who was diagnosed with leukemia at age 22 said ''Losing your hair may not be a choice—but style is''.

Carly Severn

Carly Serven has alopecia

Phoebe de Croisset is a cancer survivor

Rachel Fleit has alopecia

Credit Conde Nast studio : https://www.vogue.com/projects/13262618/hair-loss-women-cancer-chemotherapy-alopecia/

Lexicon for the new turbanistas :

Daytime turbans

Usually, the daytime head turbans come in purer colors that literally go along well with each and every outfit you own. If you want to play it safe, firstly you can start by purchasing natural colors such as beige, black, grey, deep purple, wine red, and pastel pink. 

Nighttime turbans

When it comes to wearing turbans caps or a regular turban for special occasions they will be the perfect way to add a dose of mystical beauty and uniqueness. You can find a metallic and shiny thread in the materials from which the night turbans are manufactured from. They will be the perfect way to add a subtle dose of glam, glitters, and sparkles.


Besides the fashionable turban hats the headscarf is another magical and versatile accessory that can be a practical alternative to the turban. They will compliment your outfit beyond your imagination hence of their diversity. You will be able to find them in a countless number of colors, patterns, and styles. You can either find them pre-tied or if you have the creativity and skills you can tie them up yourself. Additionally, with some patience and tricks, you can learn how to tie them in a few steps.

         Untied back headwrap


         The Long Tail Bow on the side
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 Anisa Stofel is wearing Yasmine headwrap.