The Team

Brothers and Sisters is a team of 2 designers based in Paris. Our aim is to revamp classic vintage hair accessories such as turbans, headbands, berets and headwraps, hair bows and hats !

We are passionate about fashion, and art. After a few years working in advertising we have decided to launch our brand and customize the turbans, headwraps worn by the women in the Caribbeans and the berets who are the symbol of the French elegance. We are obsessed with vintage fashion and we think each era had it's own gold nugget ! The first collection we have created was the ready made turbans, and each year we are adding a new line, after the turbans came the headwraps, then the scrunchies, hair bows, berets and hats.

All our pieces have this retro, vintage parisian, je ne sais quoi !