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Brothers and Sisters x Idda Van Munster

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Ever since our beginning when we founded our brand in 2014 we had the idea of creating truly something just as unique and beautiful as meaningful and mindful. We were driven by passion and belief that dignity, warmth, and equality are the main pillars of our society and the way we treat each other was a reflection of who we truly are. These are the reasons behind why we named our brand Brothers and Sisters and started a story of our own.

We are a French hair accessories brand and we can offer you various collections and a number of one-of-a-kind products. We not only believe but we can swear upon it, that showing our true colors, uniqueness, and individualism can bring up an entirely new dimension of confidence, and higher self-esteem. Rightfully we`ve “adopted” this rule and hence of it, we`ve chosen to offer a number of hair accessories suitable for every single woman out there. You just name it, we have it all. Everything from colorful scrunchies scarves to tie your hair; Berets embellished with a handmade satin ribbon bow; Turbans for both day and nighttime, headbands, and one-colored or dotted hair clips in a bow shape. We are proud to say that each and every single of our products are designed in Paris and handmade in France and Portugal. We put an accent not only on their uniqueness but also on the way they are made-durable and ever-lasting.

We greet and welcome you to become a part of our story.

Happy Shopping.

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