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Brothers & Sisters Paris is a French hair accessories brand launched in 2015. We started to make turbans as they are headwears we were very familiar with, we have always seen the beautiful women in our family wrapping their hair in scarves and headwraps. Then came the berets who are a reference to our French identity. Our work reflects who we are and we are proud to see our creations worn by so many different types of women. Every year we add a line to our collection, we are now making turbans, scrunchies, headbands, berets, hair bows and hats. If you pay attention to the names of our creations you will recognize some parisian metro stations and museums, French writers, as well as Caribbeans and Afro Americans authors and activists that shaped our lives. Our creations are made in France and in Portugal since 2021 by two small family owned factories. We chose this name for our brand because it's a reflection of our values we truly think we shall act with kindness and equality torwards each others despite our differences, now more than ever.