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We are so happy to introduce you to your new ready made Bandana collection !

You don't need to tie them, they have an elastic at the back, they are as easy to wear as a headband ! They don't slip and they give you this Parisian vintage vibe we all need in our lives ;-). Each bandana is coming with a tutorial illustrated by our little sister Anna Iris.

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Discover the epitome of Parisian chic with our curated collection of Berets with Back Bows or front veil – a fusion of classic allure and contemporary flair. Crafted by our Parisian hair accessories brand, these berets are designed to add a touch of elegance and romance to your ensemble, reflecting the iconic fashion sense of the City of Light.

Berets with a twist  :

  • Lovely Back Bows: Our berets are classic beret made of wool, but they have a pretty unique feature at the back ! If you want to stand out you can go for the big organza bow at the back. If you like something a bit more discreet you can always go for a berets with the satin ribbon.

  • Modern Parisian Twist: Embrace the marriage of traditional beret silhouettes with modern bow accents, creating an accessory that captures the essence of Parisian charm.

  • A Vintage vibe : Elevate your fashion choices effortlessly with berets that seamlessly integrate into your Parisian, coquette or vintage inspired wardrobe !

  • Timeless Appeal: Embrace the allure of timeless Parisian style with hair accessories that reflect the city's fashion legacy.

Experience the magic of Paris wherever you are with our Berets – a tribute to the elegance and grace that define the French capital !

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Crab Hair Clip

Discover our new crab clip collection ! We love everything vintage and we couldn't resist this 90's trend.

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Day Collection

Discover our new limited turbans collection ! Your hair will love them ! These turbans are linen with the softest satin fabric, your hair will stay soft and hydrated once you remove your turban and your curls will thank you ! Our turbans are too casual for you ? You are looking for something fancier ? Check our evening turban collection for more sparkle and glitters !

Our turbans are made in small quantity and they will not be restocked ! Don't miss your favorite turban, it's now or never ! 

turbans sont fait en edition limitee et ils ne seront pas restockes, ne manquez pas votre coup de coeur, c' est maintenant ou jamais !

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Evening turbans

Discover our glam turban collection ! It's never too much sparkles and glitters, if  you want to step up your turban game our evening turbans are made for you !

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Hair bow clips

Bow clips, barrettes inspired by Parisian timeless elegance for any occasion ! Our signature organza bow are a must have, stand out with our giant organza bow in your hair, or elevate our outfit with our sophisticated with elegant satin ribbon bow !

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Hair bow ties - NEW !

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Headwraps - New !

Discover our headwrap collection ! Our headwraps are so versatile, there are many ways to wear them. As our turban line, our headwraps are pre made, you slip them on your head and that's it ! You can tie (or not!) the side fabric parts at the back to wear them the same way as they show on the photos.

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Mini hair clips - NEW !

We are obsessed with these little beauties ! These mini hair clips are the cutest little things !  We can't wait to grow this collection of tiny bows , ribbon, hears and flowers.

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Organza scrunchie with flowers

This collection is a tribute to our grandmother Françoise. She was from Martinique a beautiful island in the Carribean, she passed away of Covid 19 this year. Our grand mother was the epitome of the Carribean woman, she was full of life, caring, loving and strong. She deeply loved her island and after many years spend in France she has never lost her melodic creole accent. The ancient name of Martinique (still used as of today by the locals) is Madinina that means the flowers island, flowers are everywhere in Martinique and were very present in my Grand mother's house, she even named one of her son 'Fleur' (flower in French).

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Discover our collection of scrunchie made of chiffon fabric. Our hair scrunchies are not the ones you used to hate when your mum did your hair in the 90's ! We chose a very soft fabric to make our hair ponies, they look like a scarf you tie your hair with, but they have an elastic inside so the scrunchie stay in place and doesn't slip.

You can wear your scrunchies on your hair, your wrist or your bag !

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Discover our new turbans collection ! They are perfect for hot and humid weather, you can wear then with your hair in or out ! If those turbans are too classic for you head to our evening turban collection we have everything you need to glam yourself up !

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